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Below are a few links to people I have enjoyed working with in the past. I am not responsible for the content on their website.

James Garfield – See the world through the eyes of James Garfield, a photographer who offers a different view on life.

CEG Productions – Local supplier of lighting, sound, power and staging equipment for all types of events and gigs.

Cloud Artisans – Local based supplier of online and offline marketing; perfect for bands and arts organisations.

Chunky Badger – A website I built for my brother, he writes about gaming and entertainment news. Worth a read if you are looking for a simplistic breakdown of that area of culture.

Arts Award Voice – An online magazine for young people who love the arts. I hear their Deputy Editor is incredibly talented as a writer…


Tom Inniss Journalist and podcaster

Tom Inniss

Tom is a journalist and feature writer with interests in politics, technology and culture. He currently works as the editor of Voice - an online magazine for young people interested in art and culture.

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