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Tom Inniss interviews logo (big)This is where my podcasting interest all began. Originally titled The Tom Inniss Podcast, I used this as an excuse to meet people I admired, or found particularly interesting. After a while, I came to realise that people were actually listening to the podcasts, and had a genuine interest in what my guests had to say.

I started to try and be more diverse in my guests, and be more prepared with my questions, while at the same time trying to retain what I feel is quite a laid back interview show. I like to let the guests feel at ease, and talk at their own pace, as it often produces the best content.

I changed the name to Tom Inniss Interviews… to better reflect the type of podcast it was. I wanted people to know that this was purely an interview show. It then freed up The Tom Inniss Podcast to be used again on a project I’ve been tinkering with for a while.

The show is very sporadically updated, as I find it difficult to find the time to travel and interview people. But it is definitely worth subscribing because every few months you might find a nice, in depth interview with someone you’ve always wanted to know more about.

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‘Tom Inniss interviews…’, which used to be called the ‘Tom Inniss Podcast’ is a podcast where people from all walks of life get interviewed by the host, Tom Inniss.

Tom is a politics student who works as a journalist within the arts sector, and has a (not so) secret love for technology.

This show was originally created as an excuse for Tom to talk to celebrities he loved and admires, but has since opened doors for him to talk to people he never knew about, but hold prestige or influence within their relevant sectors. This is a show of exposing talent, humanising the celebrity and generally messing around.

Tom Inniss Journalist and podcaster

Tom Inniss

Tom is a journalist and feature writer with interests in politics, technology and culture. He currently works as the editor of Voice - an online magazine for young people interested in art and culture.

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