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I was commissioned to create this podcast for the Arts Award Voice team at the beginning of 2014 as a way to increase our output, and offer an alternative medium for young people to engage with both Arts Award Voice, and the arts more generally.

The brief was given to me after the management team heard Tom Inniss Interviews… They were impressed with the high production quality and ability to make guests feel at ease, and felt that these would be great traits to have on a youth based discussion podcast.

The Arts Award Voice Podcast fits loosely around the content posted to the Voice website each month. It starts with a summary headline news segment, before having a look at the news within our own team. There is then a discussion (or debate) over either an article posted on the website, or by something that has happened in the news. It will often include an interview with a particular artist or notable person in the arts, before outlining the theme for Voice the following month.

The show is neatly packaged up in a 30 minute segment, and is perfect to listen to while commuting or brightening up other mundane tasks.


From iTunes:

The official podcast from the Arts Award Voice team.

This youth driven podcast brings you all the latest news in the arts world. This will include interviews, updates from the Youth Network Leaders, live performances and helpful hints on how to get the most from your Arts Award.

Why not check out after listening to participate in discussions and upload your own art work – we might even mention it in the show!

Tom Inniss Journalist and podcaster

Tom Inniss

Tom is a journalist and feature writer with interests in politics, technology and culture. He currently works as the editor of Voice - an online magazine for young people interested in art and culture.

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