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I started podcasting in 2011, creating the Tom Inniss Podcast when I went to interview Iain Lee, who was a late-night DJ of Absolute Radio. Initially I just used it as an excuse to meet the people I admired, but over time I realised that it was actually a really interesting way to learn more about an individual, and provide an insight into their lives that the public may not otherwise see.

Since Iain Lee, I have interviewed authors such as Joe Craig and Michael Carroll; performers like Alex Horne, Doug Segal and Festival of the Spoken Nerd; and prominent arts professionals like the Associate Director of York Theatre Royal, Juliet Forster and Director of the Public Catalogue Foundation, Andy Ellis.


After careful consideration, I decided to retitle the Tom Inniss Podcast to Tom Inniss Interviews…, as it was much more specific in focus. I also created Tinman Podcasts, to serve as an overarching brand for my podcast series.

This was down in part due to my commissioning for the Arts Award Voice Podcast, a youth orientated podcast that is loosely connected to the content of the main Voice website. I was asked to produce and host the podcast after impressing the management team with my professional and high quality interviews.

The future

I have plans to re-start The Tom Inniss Podcast, this time targeting it as a general chat show with no particular focus. There would be occasional guests and we might discuss gaming and technology, or any old waffle that comes into our head. At this point though nothing is concrete.

The podcasts

Tinman Podcasts currently has two series running; Tom Inniss Interviews… and The Tom Inniss Podcast, although both are currently on hiatus. The Arts Award Voice Podcast was commissioned for a six episode run with a very specific brief, before getting two bonus episodes later on.

Tom Inniss Interviews…
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The first podcast released, Tom Inniss Interviews… is, as the title suggests, a podcast where I interview people. I originally started this podcast as an excuse to meet the people I admired and talk to them, but I soon realised it could be something more than that. I have always been fascinated by stories -which in part is why I went into journalism- and the podcast now serves as the chance to get those stories out there.

The Tom Inniss Podcast

The new Tom Inniss Podcast  is currently without a format, so is serving as an RSS feed to audio I produce either while at work or just in general life. As stated above, one day I would like to see the podcast as a talk show, but who knows what might happen.

Arts Award Voice Podcast (discontinued)
Copyright Arts Award Voice

I was commissioned to create this podcast series when Voice (then known as Arts Award Voice) was still experimenting with multimedia. Each podcast followed a similar structure of delivering arts news, discussing content on the website, and occasionally squeezing in interviews. It ran for six episodes, and then received a further two bonus episodes – one in Edinburgh, and one talking about Gold Arts Award.

Tom Inniss Journalist and podcaster

Tom Inniss

Tom is a journalist and feature writer with interests in politics, technology and culture. He currently works as the editor of Voice - an online magazine for young people interested in art and culture.

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