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Culmination of a lot of practice

I know I should have probably uploaded videos of me learning and practising these songs, but to be honest i haven’t had time.

Instead, I thought if I just outlined the process of learning then maybe it would count. For most of them I just went online and found the tabliture, and supported that music reading skill with youtube videos. For some songs though, namely the Raconteurs song, I had to use just Youtube videos, and try to guess which chords are used. This is why it may sound slightly off, as well as my terrible singing. Videos are below.

The Will to Death cover

As I explain in the video, this is a spur of the moment performance.

I used to be able to play it better, but it had been so long I was partially learning it again inbetween recordings.

The finished piece is OK, but could be improved by better recording equipment, more time and more patience, but again, as I said in the video the will to live (or Death – see what I did) was rapidly fading by the end.


Hardest Button to Button review post


You have now seen the culmination of weeks work in the form of a video marred by poor singing. But what has been learnt so far?

It is a very different experience playing with a drummer. Before, when I played solo, or with another guitarist, variation to the beats, or timing or strums didn’t matter as much, as they were either drowned out or just added an accent to the tune. When it’s just guitarist and drummer though, any deviation stands out horribly, so the self restraint must be developed to stick to the beat.

On top of this, I have learnt (or re-affirmed) that I can’t sing. Backing vocals is ok, as I am able to match the pitch of the main singer, but on my own, I am essentially tone deaf.

The performance on the whole was ok though – Liz is not a confident drummer, and a drum heavy song really requires a proper drum kit, not the electric one we had to deal with. The sound was also lost through a less than impressive camera. Slightly annoying also was my inability to record the bass prior to performing so that the performance was accompanied by the proper instruments. Again, it goes back to my lack of discipline in keeping time – being a guitarist over a bass player, I found it hard to hit the notes dead on time, and it ultimately ruined the performance, so we left it out.

On the whole though, I think for a first effort, it went well, and although we spent a lot more time on it than we perhaps wanted to (in excess of 12 hours including solo practice time) it turned out ok.

The finished performance

I feel like I really should emphasise how I am NOT A SINGER, and how uncomfortable I was doing it. It was a really long debate as to whether or not I should sing, but as the bass guitar was also missing it would have sounded awful without it.

The camera failed to pick up the bass drum of Lizzy’s guitar very well, which is really annoying, but for the second (and possibly last) song, we will find a way of solving this issue.



Final practice session..

This was the last practice session of Hardest Button to Button today,  and I thought you might like a bit of behind the scenes footage of the “duo” before we performed.

In it there is a slight explanation of how we wanted to do it, and how it happened, and an interview with the often quiet Liz.

Week 2

Met up with Liz yesterday to see how we had gotten on with learning White Stripes “Hardest Button to Button”.

Things are coming along nicely, slightly slow perhaps considering the limited complexity of the song, but considering we both have had not a lot of time to practice (school, work, Arkham City) things are moving along ok.

We both know essentially know our individual parts, but the issue comes with trying to combine the two. Neither of us have ever played in this arrangement before (drums and guitar) so it is slightly challenging, and I am quite impatient at times.

I suspect that by the practice next week we will have perfected the combination and will then post a video as evidence.

Once that is done then the real fun begins of actually trying to learn a song which is actually taxing, this was merely an introduction task.

The Beginning

So, this is the first post of the first section of my first Arts Award, exciting times!

Although having fingers in many pies regarding artistic output, I have opted to stick to my roots and do something music based. In this instance I am going to team up with a drummer, Elizabeth Wright,  in order to cover some songs, and perhaps write our own, depending on the creative flow.

We had our first meeting today, just bashing out ideas of what we would like to do, evaluate what skill level we are at and whether we thought we could work together. This will be my first time playing with a drummer, so I am concious about having to keep time better.

The first song we have agreed to play is “Hardest Button to Button” by White Stripes, and have agreed to go away to learn our individual parts. We have also agreed to meet again next week to see where we are at.

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