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The Wider Arts Sector

Posted by on July 3, 2012

Whilst getting involved in the wider arts sector is an important part of Arts Award I also see it as an opportunity to represent the Olympic values through striving for excellence.  By getting to experience more events and developing myself through this experience I hope to “excel” at consulting and representing views of my peers and friends.  It will also help me to understand the direction of my possible career paths better.

Whilst I’ve gained most of my opportunities with the Arts Award Participation Project I’ve also been able to research general careers information whilst also researching my opinion piece which you can read on it’s page.  A part of this has been using the website which my advisor, Emrys, recommended.

Through participating the Arts Award participation project I have been lucky to access a number of events and development opportunities as well as through my own desire to get in touch with a number of artists to create podcasts as you’ll see on the next page (Part C).

One such event was Theatre Craft ( where I was able to engage with a multitude of different organisations who gave me a greater insight to the wider industry. Other opportunities have been each of the participation team residentials, two in Birmingham and one in London. At these residentials I’ve met other young creative professionals and received training on research, consultation, review writing and how to represent Arts Award.

I also volunteered to speak at the regional adviser conference where I was able to talk to a number of professionals in different sectors of the arts. In doing all of this and undertaking consultation for the participation project I have managed to increase my general awareness about the possible careers in the arts and learn about the variety of creative outputs, as well as their significance to individuals. I am keen to continue working on developing my music skills and helping other young people to access arts opportunities, albeit that I plan to study politics at University.

Us in london
Residential 2 in London
Us in Birmingham
Residential 1 in Birmingham
Me participating in Arts Award training at the Custard Factory in Birmingham

Me participating in Arts Award training at the Custard Factory in Birmingham

Residential 3 in Birmingham

Residential 3 in Birmingham

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